when to open a dispute

if what you purchased is not what you received, you can open a dispute and we’ll help you resolve it. paypal purchase protection generally covers you if your order arrives significantly different that it was described, or if it doesn’t arrive at all.

be sure to open a dispute in the event of any of the following:

  • you received a completely different item.
    example: you purchased hockey skates, but received a hockey stick.

  • the item’s condition was misrepresented.
    example: the listing said new, but the item was clearly used.

  • the item is missing parts or features, and this was not disclosed.
    example: you bought a table, and it showed up with only 3 legs.

  • you purchased a specific quantity of an item – but received the wrong amount.
    example: you bought two laptops, but only received one.

  • the item was damaged en route to its destination.
    example: your antique vase was broken in transit.

  • you received a counterfeit version of the item.
    example: that ‘genuine’ diamond bracelet ended up being cubic zirconia.

how to open a dispute

there are two different ways to open a dispute.

if you purchased an item on ebay

if you purchased an item with paypal anywhere else

  • 1

    log in to your paypal account.

  • 2

    open a dispute in the resolution centre within 180 calendar days of your purchase.

  • 3

    click “dispute a transaction”

  • 4

    select “item dispute”

escalate to a claim

as many disputes are caused by misunderstandings, they are often easily resolved. however, if you and the seller are unable to come to an agreement on your own, within 20 days of the dispute, you can escalate it to a claim which means paypal will make a decision in favour of either you or the seller.