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our network securely processes more than 10 million payments each day, and since our security platform gets smarter with each transaction, we help you manage your bottom line and your customers with the experience, global reach, and fraud- monitoring technology of paypal.

looking for a preferred global payments platform designed with your enterprise's needs in mind?

extensive experience

lean on expertise earned through securely processing more than 1 billion monthly transactions.

grow safely

with one of the world’s largest payments datasets, we can help you connect with qualified customers around the globe.

fraud monitoring technology

our fraud monitoring technology gets smarter with each transaction to protect you from existing and evolving threats.

we help merchants reduce chargebacks and mitigate fraud

our tools help minimize fraud and protect good customer relationships.

fraud monitoring

we use intelligence from our 2-sided network, machine learning, and analytics to help protect your business from both existing and evolving threats.

seller protection

whether you sell physical or intangible products, we can help your business avoid chargebacks, reversals, and fees—even when you're facing a customer dispute. (available on eligible purchases. .)

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join over 30 million merchants worldwide that trust paypal.

paypal is so much more than just a button

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