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accepting paypal gives marketplace shoppers a reason to trust you.

looking for a preferred global payments platform designed with your enterprise's needs in mind?

paypal means more business for you

customers who choose paypal as a payment method are 60% more likely to convert than those who do not.1

connect with paypal on global marketplaces

once you've signed up with paypal, you can now connect to major marketplaces such as etsy and ebay.

shoppers can pay the way they want

paypal allows your website to accept credit or debit card payments and other payment methods.

marketplace shoppers trust paypal

giving shoppers the option to pay with paypal can make a new customer feel more comfortable making their first purchase.

faster setup on thousands of marketplaces

many marketplaces automatically offer paypal as a payment option, so getting started is as easy as connecting your paypal account.

get added protection

whether you sell physical or intangible products, our seller protection policy will help minimise claims and chargebacks, and reduce fraud. (available on eligible purchases. .)

access more shoppers

improve visibility by selling in more places. we can help you discover new places to sell where customers are looking for your products.

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join over 30 million merchants who rely on paypal.

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learn about the other ways paypal can help you get paid, like accepting payments online and collecting payments even you don't have a website.

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join over 30 million merchants worldwide that trust paypal.

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paypal is so much more than just a button

browse our entire selection of solutions designed to fit the unique needs of your business in our app centre.

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1 source: comscore online panel commissioned by paypal, q4 2017-q1 2018. analysis of consumer on-line behavior tracked across 50 large e-commerce sites panel of 1 million us consumers. conversion was measured from the point at which customer chooses a payment provider.